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Lady and Tramp's Daughters
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While the characters and certain other elements of these pictures may belong to Disney or other companies/people, all artwork belongs to ME, so please do not use elsewhere without first getting my permission.

Same goes for all of my next-gen and original characters. Unless you are one of my close friends, please ask permission first if you want to draw any of my characters, and give credit back to me. Any unapproved use of my characters or artwork, except by aforementioned close friends, will be counted as theft and treated as such.




So I'm curious; what, out of my gallery, do you primarily follow me for? 

4 deviants said My Disney dogs canon-gen stuff?
3 deviants said My general Disney / non-Disney stuff?
3 deviants said Some combination of the above / all of it?
2 deviants said My Disney dogs next-gen stuff?
1 deviant said My original story work?
No deviants said My occassional MLP stuff?
No deviants said My stuff from another fandom that I don't post often?
No deviants said My animation pieces?
No deviants said None of it; you aren't really interested, you just follow me because we're friends from another site?
No deviants said None of it interests you; you don't even know why you're following me in the first place, honestly. It just sort of happened.


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United Kingdom

Fair warning: I'm not exactly a conversationalist. If you say something to me and it seems like I'm blowing you off, I'm probably not; I'm just no good at talking with people I don't know well, so I tend to be short and awkward. It's never anything personal, I'm just unfortunately bad at casual interactions; so I hope you'll forgive me that.


I'm an online roleplayer on proboards and tumblr. I have a handful of good friends online, though hardly any off because I'm unfortunately not a very social person... well, at all, really.

I just draw for fun, mostly. I'm my own worst critic, so I tend to be picky about what I upload; mostly I draw fanart of characters from animated movies, and next-gen children for them, with some other stuff thrown in as and when I feel like it.

Honestly? I'd love to work on professional animated movies in some capacity; though I dunno if I'll ever reach that point. Most of my art's just casual work, after all.

My main interests are animated films (of which How to Train Your Dragon 2, Despicable Me, Wreck-it Ralph and The Land Before Time are my favourites). Also, dogs in general; Harry Potter; Babylon 5; Homestuck; and occasionally MLP:FiM, dependent on my mood.

On top of which, I'm a Christian who loves Jesus Christ as my saviour and Lord. And though I don't always manage, I try my best to love others and not to judge, just as He commanded.

And my girlfriend is :iconphantom-lucario: <3


Art requests are only open to close friends.

Trades and Point Commissions... not really, no. If you throw an idea at me that really inspires me, then sure, I'll take it; for the most part, though, I can only draw what I have muse for - and just asking me to draw OCs I'm unfamiliar with just doesn't motivate me, I'm afraid.

My exception, however, is that I will create designs for the next-gen children of various animated character couples for points; just send me a note and I'll see what I can do ^^

Fandom Meme Thing ^^

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 10, 2016, 2:56 PM
Borrowed from the girlfriend, :iconphantom-lucario:. Give me a fandom and I will answer the following:

❤ Favorite Male:
❤ Favorite Female:
❤ Favorite Pairing:
❤ Least Favorite Character:
❤ who’s most like me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that I like:

Also, taking advantage of the fact that I have temporary Premium Membership to try out a cool journal skin, shh, don't judge me xD

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Reading: Harry Potter: Film Wizardry
  • Playing: Final Fantasy X


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cmara Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016   Traditional Artist
Hi there.

Like your Patch x Angel pups :)
The101stDalmatian Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks ^^ Though only Topaz and Aria are really mine; Ace, Flash and Thunder really belong to KHWhiteLion. I just sorta... slightly co-own them XD
cmara Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016   Traditional Artist
Wolf492 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
How are you today?  
The101stDalmatian Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty good, thanks ^^ And you?
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