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While the characters and certain other elements of these pictures may belong to Disney or other companies/people, all artwork belongs to ME, so please do not use elsewhere without first getting my permission.

Same goes for all of my next-gen and original characters. Unless you are one of my close friends, please ask permission first if you want to draw any of my characters, and give credit back to me. Any unapproved use of my characters or artwork, except by aforementioned close friends, will be counted as theft and treated as such.






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United Kingdom
You want to know about me? Sure, why not?

I'm a roleplayer online, mostly, who has more friends online than off due to being pretty much a social reject. I am trying to change that, but... eh, I suck at normal social interaction, basically XD;;
I just draw for fun, mostly. I don't upload as much artwork here as I probably should, because I tend to practice procrastination instead, but when I do, I generally draw Disney Dog characters, my next-gen children for them, and both generations in an alternate anthro universe. My main interests could be listed as being Disney films (either old or modern; I decide on a film-by-film basis rather than judging them by release era); dogs in general; and more recently, the Harry Potter series and Homestuck.

Also, I'm a Christian ^^


Requests are only open to close friends.
Trades and Point Commissions are conditionally open; dependent on what you're actually asking me to draw. I reserve the right to turn down any offers regarding these if I so desire.


My best friends :heart::
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:iconkhwhitelion: :iconnamacub95:


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Disney stamps by Aiyana-Kopa
I'm not sure if this is just me, or if anyone else experiences it too. But I've just been looking ahead to the final scene of my original story, and I'm finding it really satisfying. There's just something about seeing the characters, changed and developed by a story that hasn't even been written yet.

I don't know, that sounds odd, right? I only have two full chapters written out, and the first half of the story planned out in enough detail to have the basics but not much beyond that; I don't even have anything about the climax chosen at all... yet I do know the conclusion, what happens to who, how various characters and their relationships will change, even if I don't know exactly what will bring that about. There's just something... yeah, something satisfying about looking at the characters as they will end up, and thinking I may not know the details of your journey, but I know how it's going to develop and change you as a person and I can't wait to find out exactly how it comes about. Something about that that I just love.

I dunno, or maybe it's just me being weird :P
  • Listening to: Homestuck music
  • Reading: Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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Since you're involved in so many roleplays, I'd like to ask you some questions I have about being involved in them. Would this be okay?
The101stDalmatian Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure, go ahead ^^
All right. First question. Is there a particular reason for why it doesn't seem to be acceptable to have characters you're playing as interact even in situations where it would make sense or be likely?
The101stDalmatian Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not quite sure what you mean... are you refering to the concept of RPing with oneself? It's not exactly that it's not allowed... it's just that the whole purpose of RPing is to write a story [i]with other people[/i]. If someone's characters are just interacting with each other to the exclusion of anyone else's, then that kind of defeats the overall point.

Minor interactions between two characters of the same player are fine; it's just when that starts to become more common than meaningful interactions with others that it becomes a problem.
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You'll have to pm me on DWoW about the trade because I absolutely cannot get my notes to load for some reason ^^; on my Kovu account please xD so I don't have to jump from account to account looking for your message.
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